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Mandatory Odors:




The following areas will be in each certification:

Rooms (at least 4 rooms containing some objects or furniture, at least 300 sq feet)

Outside Area (4 minimum)

Vehicles, Buses, Golf Carts, Airplanes (10 minimum)

Luggage, cargo, parcels, backpacks, cans, and/or lockers

*In the event that some areas are unavailable, the Certifying Official can opt to use other areas or objects to complete the test*

Additional Information

Each test will have a blank and a high or deep hide included in more than one section.

Before beginning, the Handler will notify the Certification Official of the K9’s trained final response. Each Alert/Trained final response must be called by letting the Certifying Official know you found odor. All trained final responses must be called and can be passive or "aggressive".

Only one miss or false is allowed per team. If a team fails, they must wait 30 days before re-testing.

​Optional Odors:




For additional rules & regulations about this certification, please click the link below to download the full PDF version.

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