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Odor Examples Used:




Decomposition Fluid

Additional Information

The test can be completed on or off leash 

Before beginning, the Handler will notify the Certification Official of the K9’s trained final response. Each Alert/Trained final response must be called by letting the Certifying Official know you found odor. All trained final responses must be considered passive.

Only one miss or false is allowed per team. If a team fails, they must wait 30 days before re-testing.

Mandatory Areas:

Outside area/ wilderness.

Buildings and/or rooms.

Vehicles (inside and outside of vehicle)

For additional rules & regulations about this certification, please click the link below to download the full PDF version.


Land test must be passed in order to qualify to take the water certification. Water hides are not considered as part of the Land test – they are a separate certification and require 100% for a successful pass of the test.  Misses will not count against the Land test.

Water certification can be defined as “shoreline only” or “water recovery” (boat).

3 Hides will be placed for each type, depending on what is available.  All hides must be found to pass. 

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