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The Following Certifications are offered or going to be offered through IPIWDA:

  • Explosive Detection (EDD)

  • Narcotics Detection (NDD)

  • Human Remains Detection (HRD)

  • Tracking (in development)

  • Bed Bugs (in development)

  • Guns (in development)

Certifications are valid for 1 year. Certification is between one handler and one dog and cannot be transferred if the dog changes hands to a different handler.

Only 1 miss is allowed in any of the tests; any more than one miss is deemed a failure. If time allows and they deem it appropriate, the certifying official can set up a retest in the area failed.

No Pseudo Odors will be used in any of the tests.

Please click the buttons below to learn more about each certification:


For additional questions, please fill out the contact form or reach out.

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