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Mandatory Odors:

Powders (Double base smokeless, Single base smokeless, Black Powder and/ or Pyrodex)


RDX, C4, Semtex, and/or A5


Water Gel, Emulsion and/or Slurry

PETN Primer Cord or Det Cord

Ammonium Nitrate

More odors can be used at the discretion of the certifying official.  If an odor is not available a substitution can be discussed prior to arranging the test. We encourage you to add peroxide-based explosives to your training as they are used in Homemade explosives.

The following areas will be in each certification:

Rooms (at least 4 rooms containing some objects or furniture, at least 300 sq feet)

Outside Area (4 minimum)

Vehicles, Buses, Golf Carts, Airplanes (10 minimum)

Luggage, cargo, parcels, backpacks, cans (15-18 minimum)

*In the event that some areas are unavailable, the Certifying Official can opt to use other areas or objects to complete the test*

Additional Information

Each test will have a blank and a high or deep hide included in more than one section.

Before beginning, the Handler will notify the Certification Official of the K9’s trained final response. Each Alert/Trained final response must be called by letting the Certifying Official know you found odor. Alert / Indication must be passive.

Only one miss or false is allowed per team. If a team fails, they must wait 30 days before re-testing.

For additional rules & regulations about this certification, please click the link below to download the full PDF version.

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