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Mission Statement

In a world where safety of people has become paramount, the mission of International Private Industry Work Dog Association (IPIWDA) is to ensure that all teams deployed to a work setting have been evaluated through a third-party certification process and are qualified to work in any environment that they may be called to.


We understand that many of the K9 Teams working are unable to qualify for membership with the long-standing certification authorities out there. Our mission is to provide a certification process that is open to all Private Industry K9 teams, as they have become an integral part of working to ensure safety of others. It is particularly important that K9 Teams deployed to work have been tested and are not just operating off a certificate issued when passing a course.  Attending and completing a course is not a right a passage to ensure the safety of others or quality of service.


IPIWDA was established by a group of retired police K9 leaders as well as a K9 Business owner.  All understand the significance and Liability of working K9 Teams that have not been evaluated by an outside organization.  The creators of IPIWDA also understand that in most cases this is because there is not a certification authority that they qualify for.  With more than 100+ years of combined experience, IPIWDA wants to provide K9 Teams with an option to be evaluated like the Police K9 Teams deployed across the country, as well as provide business owners with an option to certify their teams and ensure they are using teams that can successfully detect the odor they are looking for. 


  • To establish a working standard, equal to Law Enforcement, for Private Industry K9 Teams.

  • To provide Venues peace of mind with qualified, validated K9 teams.

  • To increase the awareness of the importance of 3rd party certification before deploying teams.

  • To offer training solutions and ideas, as well as seminars to Private Industry K9 Teams to continue their education and growth in the field.

  • To ensure ALL Private Industry K9 Teams (Handler and Dog) have been evaluated and passed a certification held by a 3rd Party Certification Authority before starting work anywhere.

  • To ensure ALL Private Companies have access to a certification authority that will evaluate their teams to the same standard as Law Enforcement before deploying them.

  • To standardize and bring together all Private Industry K9 Teams.

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